Flexldry-Laundry Management

Case Study, UI/UX hbjn


2018, Laundry Management


User Research + UI/UX


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator



Many apartments do not provide in-unit laundry, so residents need to use the community laundry room. In this case, residents stay in the laundry room more than an hour to prevent potential theft of clothing. Flexldry allows people to keep watch over their clothes for the full wash and dry cycle while out of the room. Clothes are locked until you come back. Do not go too far though, a late pickup fee might occur.

My Role

For the project, I interviewed 50 people who use laundry room in San Francisco. I would own the design of the solution from concept to final interaction and visual design.


User Problems

  • Full reserved laundry machine and soap sold out.

  • Waiting in the laundry room to prevent potential theft of clothing.

  • Other user occupied the laundry machine.


Photos that I took in different laundry rooms and wireframing.

Research Questions

  • How often do you do your laundry? 

  • Do you wait in the laundry room for the wash& dry cycle?

  • Do you have unsatisfied laundry experience?

  • What is it like for them to evaluate our product?

The most common issue they have right now is to prevent potential theft of clothing. Some people do their laundry together so they can look after each other’s clothing while one of them want to leave. People from popular neighborhood complained about full reserved laundry machine and soap shop out of service. Overall, 80% people agree on the idea of fine for late pickup.

User Solutions

  • Reserve an availability time period/ Find other laundry room.

  • Lock the clothing while user leave the laundry room.

  • Design a system to decrease user occupied the laundry machine.

How might we liberate user from waiting in the laundry room and avoid user occupied the laundry machine overtime after completed the cycle?

Using a tracking system to calculate the laundry status, user will need to pay a small amount of late fee for occupied the spot. The fund will go to the next user’s account when his/her reservation impact by late pick-up.


The first landing page is a map that indicate the laundry rooms nearby. User can chose a time period and then find an availability.


User can make the reservation by selected the washer, dryer and the soap. Confirm the selection and complete the payment.


User can track the laundry status via the APP. When the laundry cycle completed, user will receive the notification for pick-up. When the pick-up time is after 15 minutes of the cycle completed, user will need to pay a small amount of late fee for occupied the spot.


The design were very successful in prototyping. My assumption was most of the user are comfortable with evolve their laundry experience via mobile APP. Right now I have validated the need for a mobile experience and will continue to build toward the final design and implementation.

Next Steps

  • Create a welcome page for first-time user with the video tour.

  • Work with marketing and content strategy to finalize example content.